The first trailer for 'I Love You, Daddy' - the first feature film that comedian Louis CK has directed in 16 years - has gone online.

As many people have noted, the comedy-drama looks like Woody Allen (in particular, 'Manhattan') has proved a major influence on the film, which is set in New York and stars C.K. as a TV writer with a daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz) who is in a relationship with a much older filmmaker (John Malkovich). It also stars Edie Falco, Helen Hunt and Charlie Day.

The film debuted at TIFF last month and C.K. told the Hollywood Reporter: "Woody is an ingredient, along with a whole other generation of dudes who used to go up and down the age line a lot more easily." The last film that he directed was 2001's 'Pootie Tang'.

Watch the trailer for 'I Love You, Daddy' below