It's been eight years since the original Cloverfield movie, which saw a skyscraper size monster arrive into New York city to terrorise its residents, with the whole thing filmed on a hand-held camera. Kind of like Godzilla meets Blair Witch.

The sequel is arriving shortly in cinemas and is described more like a 'blood relative' to the original movie, with Dan Trachtenberg taking over from director Matt Reeves, while J.J. Abrams returns as a producer.

It sees Mary Elizabeth Winstead awake to find herself trapped in John Goodman's basement, who tells her it's pretty much the end of the world outside... a much more terrifying version of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt essentially.

As with the previous movie, the monster has been kept hidden so far, although the obvious question is, if there is indeed a monster to begin with.

There's definitely something weird going on outside if the trailer is anything to go on...

10 Cloverfield Lane is out in March 2016.