When you're the US President, one of the perks of the job - apart from having the power to wipe out all of human existence with the touch of a button - is that you can have private screenings of just about any movie you want in the White House.

Throughout the years, the movies that some US Presidents have decided to screen have become a window into their mindset. For example, Woodrow Wilson - a staunch segregationist - screened DW Griffith's 'The Birth Of A Nation' in the White House, a movie that lionised and praised the efforts of the Ku Klux Klan. Barack Obama, meanwhile, screened the likes of 'La La Land', 'Moonlight' and even blockbusters like 'Monster Trucks'.

Donald Trump's first movie to be screened at the White House, however, was the Pixar animated movie 'Finding Dory', which we must assume wasn't for him.

However, a report by Yahoo! Movies and CNN has it that Donald Trump recently asked for another movie to be screened at the White House - 'Joker', starring Joaquin Phoenix and Robert DeNiro, who does a great job of keeping his personal feelings about Donald Trump to himself.

While there hasn't been any specific tweet from Donald Trump (yet) about the movie or how he's going to clean up Gotham City and make it great again, Yahoo! Movies reports that Trump reportedly liked the movie. That is, of course, provided he actually sat through it and watched it. Donald Trump famously fast-forwards through all movies to get to the action, skipping story and plot in the process.

Really though, nobody should be surprised that Trump enjoyed 'Joker'. After all, it's about a crazed psychopath who believes in nothing, has no empathy for anyone else, feels he's entitled to success without any effort, and ultimately ends up driving society insane with his actions.

That's basically Trump.