With the rising cost of cinema tickets, it's important to get the most for your money and give you the best possible experience.

While some cinemas offer extra perks for extra money - such as larger seats, bigger cup-holders and reclining / heating options, in some cases - there's something to be said for having a shared experience with everyone in the cinema.

Of course, the downside is that some people can be inconsiderate assholes who'll want to ruin the experience for everyone. While we can't legally offer any advice on how to forcefully eject people head first from a cinema, we can offer some advice on where the best place to sit is.

In our vast, vast, vast, VAST experience of watching movies in cinemas, the best place to watch a movie in a cinema with a tiered system - that's in rows arching up and away from the screen - is around two to three rows from the back.

The key, however, is where you plant yourself in that row.

Now, some people will tell you to sit a little bit off the centre, in order to get the full experience of the sound system. That might have been true in old cinemas where there's only a small number of speakers, but most cinemas nowadays have many speakers, so your sound experience is the same more or less wherever you sit.

Our personal choice for the best seats in a cinema? Right bang smack in the middle.

You want to aim for the dead centre of the screen, remember, because your eyes will take it all in. Think of it like viewing a movie or a TV show at home in your own setup. You're not going to look off to the side, are you? Of course not.

Sure, there are some people who prefer to be out on the wings because, well, they might have weak bladders or something or they're expecting a call or who knows - but if you're serious about watching a movie in a cinema, the absolute best place to park yourself is two to three rows from the back and right in the middle of the row.

The centre point of the screen is where the action is and everything branches out from it. You might have seen that video about Stanley Kubrick's movies and the centre point of some of his most iconic scenes. It's the same thing, essentially.

As ever, everyone has their own preference. Some people can't imagine sitting in the middle of a cinema, while some people actually prefer to be right up the front, craning their necks back at the screen. Not only that, not every cinema is the same.

IMAX, for example, generally only tends to be impressive from a distance. When you're up close to the screen, say in the front or second row from it, you're missing huge amounts of the picture itself. Your mileage may vary, but if you're in a generally standard cinema, you can't go wrong with two or three rows from the back and somewhere in the middle.