After modern classics Brazil and 12 Monkeys, Terry Gilliam returns with the final part of his dystopian trilogy The Zero Theorem , a colourful, ambitious and intelligent film about an angst-ridden computer programmer tasked with proving the titular theorem, and thereby revealing the meaning of life.

Christoph Waltz stars as the put-upon protagonist Qohen Leth, whose quest is supported by charming love interest Mélanie Thierry and hampered by David Thewlis (in a hilarious turn as his supervisor) and Matt Damon as Management, owner of the mysterious Mancom Corporation. Tilda Swinton also pops up as the ebullient and scene-stealing Dr Shrink-Rom, an artificial-intelligence psychiatrist who counsels Waltz from within his computer.

Gilliam’s inimitable visual style and unique voice are on full display here, creating a world filled with his trademark Orwellian technology and loud, garish colours. But while The Zero Theorem delivers a biting critique of corporate culture, the satire is tempered by a surprisingly warm and humane core. By turns hilarious and pleasingly bizarre, The Zero Theorem is the work of a unique film-maker and a worthy conclusion to a masterful trilogy.

David Mullane
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

‘The Zero Theorem is a spectacle that demands to be cherished’

‘Frank Kafka is alive and well and making films under the name of Terry Gilliam’
Screen International

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