Can you guess which of our friendly, neighbourhood Spider-Man (or supporting character or villian) said each of these quotes?

With Tom Holland's third adventure fuelling fan speculation this week, it's time for a revisit to some of Spidey's best moments in a 'Spider-Man' quiz.

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' was announced as the title of Sony's third outing with the web-slinger, and we have to say we are very excited about what's in store for us with this new movie.

There are rumours of Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man being joined by previous iterations, played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Holland has outright denied these rumours thus far - but we're fairly certain he's pulling the wool over our eyes on this one.

But this 'Spider-Man' quiz is not all about Tom Holland's Spider-Man, oh no. We've taken all eight (so far) movies from the franchise, and compiled some memorable quotes to test your memory with.

Try our quiz of who said what - and be sure to let us know how well you do in the Facebook comments.

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' is currently scheduled for release in cinemas this December.