If you already checked out our recommended watch-list for this year's Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival and are still looking for more, we've got some hidden gems just for you to take a look at.

Tickets for all of these are available through vmdiff.ie. The festival runs from February 20th to March 9th across cinemas in Dublin.



Where? Odeon Point Village

When? February 22nd, 8.30PM

What's it about? Mary McGuckian's film follows the story of Ifrah Ahmed, who fled war-torn Somalia and is now one of the world's foremost activists against the practice of female genital mutilation.


5. 'VOX LUX'

Where? Cineworld

When? February 28th, 8.45PM

What's it about? Natalie Portman plays a volatile rock superstar is who trying to navigate her way back to stardom after a controversy almost ended her career, all while trying to navigate the demons of her past and the machinations of people around her.



Where? Light House Cinema

When? February 26th, 6.30PM

What's it's about? A police detective in Amsterdam investigates the death of jazz musician Chet Baker (played by Irish musician Steve Wall) and works to understand both what caused his death and sees him cross paths with people from the icon's life.



Where? Cineworld

When? February 23rd, 2PM

What's it about? A series of short stories set across Dublin, 'Dub Daze' follows a group of students - two from Dublin's North Side, two medical students from Cork - on a day through the city and the intertwining stories involved.



Where? Cineworld

When? February 21st, 8.15PM

What's it about? Elisabeth Moss plays an aging rock star who's struggling with sobriety and keeping her life in order against the pressures of maintaining a musical career - all while desperately trying to regain the creative spark that started her career.



Where? Cineworld

When? February 25th, 8.50PM

What's it about? Keira Knightley and Jason Clarke play a married couple in post-World War II Hamburg, who are forced to live with a troubled widower and his daughter, all of which plays in tense fashion.