Although he's clearly got the jawline for it, Armie Hammer is one name you won't be seeing in contention to replace Ben Affleck as Batman.

Initial unverified reports had it that Hammer was one of the top names being lined up to replace Affleck, however subsequent reports - confirmed by both Warner Bros. and Hammer's own agency - have now denied them.

According to TheWrap's Umberto Gonzalez, the reports surrounding Hammer for Batman are not only untrue, but way off the market. Per a series of tweets, the thinking is that Batman will be much younger than ever before seen in a movie. Gonzalez claims that Warners are looking at actors below the age of 30, as Hammer is 32.

This was also backed up by THR's Borys Kit, who said that not only was the Hammer rumours not true, but that Warners haven't even held meetings with potential replacements as of yet.

All that's confirmed so that is that Ben Affleck is out as Batman. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, Affleck confirmed that he was out as Batman, saying that he "thought it was time to let someone else take a shot at it."

There's already a laundry list of names lined up to replace him, with Robert Pattinson (yes, 'Twilight' guy), our own Barry Keoghan, and even Timothee Chalamet all being rumoured for the role.

As it stands, none of these names have been confirmed - and the chances are that none of them will be until there's an official announcement. With the release date for 'The Batman' set at June 25th in 2021, there's enough time between now and then for plenty of these kind of rumours to bubble up to the surface.