We live in a strange and fearful world if a comedy legend like Rick Moranis can't walk down the streets of New York without being randomly assaulted.

The NYPD released footage of the random attack on Rick Moranis, who was calmly walking along when a man hit him in the face out of nowhere. Moranis has since that he's fine, and that he only suffered light injuries from the assault.

Moranis has been out of the public eye for several years now, having all but left his comedy career behind in order to care for his children after his wife passed away from cancer. However, in recent months, he's begun to step back into showbusiness, appearing in a commercial with Ryan Reynolds and signing on to star in a new sequel for 'Honey, I Shrunk The Kids' with Josh Gad playing his on-screen son.

Naturally, news of Moranis' random assault set Twitter on fire on what was already a newsworthy night on social media. Chris Evans, late of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, said his "blood is boiling", while the likes of Patricia Arquette, Tom Arnold, Richard Schiff from 'The West Wing', fellow comedy icon Michael McKean, and many, many more expressed sympathy and well-wishes for Moranis' speedy recovery.

We'll join with them and offer our best wishes to Rick Moranis, and hope he knows that he's respected and loved. Come on, like, he was in 'Ghostbusters'.

Who would do a thing like this?