After the first movie, 'First Blood', introduced the character of John Rambo to the world, it seems only right that the last movie be titled 'Last Blood'.

The trailer, which leaked earlier in the week, launched online today and sees Stallone back in action as the ex-Green Beret and Vietnam Vet. Now well into his autumn years, Rambo is living on the border and looking after a horse ranch - all of which is fine and dandy, until a fight with the Mexican cartel drags him out of retirement to mercilessly kill people with arrows yet again.

The action looks like it's fast, furious and filled with filleting people with his giant knife from the '80s. Not only that, there's also Lil Nas X's ear-worm track, 'Old Town Road', soundtracking all of the blood and mayhem in the process. Because what other song can you maim faceless enemies to but that song? Exactly.

'Rambo: Last Blood' arrives in Irish cinemas on September 20th.