'Pirates of the Caribbean' was one of those franchises that refused to die, and it shouldn't come as any surprise that the reboot for it is the same.

Previously, 'Deadpool' writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese were involved in penning a reboot script for the Mouse House, but that inevitably sank to the bottom of development hell shortly thereafter.

Most people assumed that the reboot was lost at sea (oh yes, we're using as many nautical terms as we can), but the Hollywood Reporter now states that a new reboot is about to set sail with 'Chernobyl' creator Craig Mazin aboard (nautical terms!).

Mazin will be joined on his voyage by Ted Elliott, one of the writers of 'The Curse of the Black Pearl', 'Dead's Man Chest' and 'At World's End' and 'On Stranger Tides'. However, the big question is whether or not Jack Sparrow will return with Johnny Depp still playing the character.

THR's sources weren't clear on Depp's fate, but the likelihood is that there'll have to be some mention of Jack Sparrow because, come on, he is the franchise. That said, the development appears to be in the very early stages, so don't be surprised if this ends up sinking beneath the waves once again.

For those of you keeping score at home, that's five nautical references we squeezed into this article.