I've still managed to escape the clutches of the Mrs Brown's Boys brigade; I don't see the appeal but there's an awful lot of you who do. Considering the collection of awards Brendan O'Carroll is gathering, perhaps it's worthy of consideration. After all, it's just got the go ahead to make it to the big screen. Will you be going to see it?

Confirmed at last night's National Television Awards, O'Carroll told numerous reporters that the project is due to kick off this Autumn and all going well, he might follow that up with a fourth TV series. So basically, you've got shit loads more Mrs Brown and her boys to look forward to.

"I always said from the very start it would be three series and that would be it, but it's been so successful and they're offering so much money... Once we do the movie this year - which we start shooting in September, it's called Mrs Brown D'Movie, and that should be released in June of next year to compete with the World Cup - once we've finished that, there may be a possibility of a fourth series."

But what can we expect from the plot? Not a whole lot at the moment; "I haven't actually f**king written it yet! But it will be really funny."

It bleedin' better be.