There hasn't been a good old-fashioned moral panic like the 'Momo Challenge' in quite some time, has there?

If you happened to be living under a rock with no internet access for the past six months, here's a quick rundown. A freaky-looking image was circulating the web purporting to be a creature called 'Momo' which would challenge people to do increasingly stupid things, the failure of such challenges resulting in unspecified but horrific consequences. The whole thing, of course, never amounted to anything and was debunked as a scam just as quickly as it appeared.

We even did a little thing about how it was basically a moral panic, and really nothing to be even talking about. Well, what do we know, eh? Because OF COURSE there's going to be a movie made about it. Of course some hot-shot movie producer is going to take this baby and run with it.

EW has confirmed that Taka Ichise, one of the producers of the most recent adaptation of Stephen King's 'It', is now working on producing a movie based on the sculpture for which the 'Momo Challenge' is associated with. The sculpture, created by artist Keisuke Aiso, was based on a Japanese folklore representation, but since the internet got hold of it, he's received death threats and hateful messages on Facebook.

It's not yet known if Keisuke Aiso will be involved in the movie, or if it's merely going to take the likeness and turn it into some kind of character, but either way, you can fully expect this 'Momo Challenge' movie to be as exciting and well-crafted as the 'Slender Man' movie.

Oh, wait...