If you didn't yet get a chance to watch 'Hereditary', rectify that as soon as possible because it's one of the best horrors in recent memory.

Considering that was director Ari Aster's debut, you'd imagine there'd be a whiff of a "difficult second album" from 'Midsommar'. Thankfully, that's not the case if these early reviews by US outlets are anything to go by.

Our own Jack Reynor stars as one half of a troubled relationship with Florence Pugh. After her character suffers a personal tragedy, the couple decide to go on a trip to rural Sweden with their two friends, Will Poulter and 'The Good Place' alum William Jackson Harper. Whilst there, they encounter a village that's in the middle of a folk festival that takes place every 90 years, which the villagers insist they take part in.

At first, it all seems a little quaint and strange, but before long, things take a weird and disturbing turn in no time. Again, if you ever saw 'Hereditary', you'd know that that's really putting it in mild terms.

Here's some of the Twitter reactions from the first screening in the US.