While there's precious few things the internet can readily agree on, saying that 'Game of Thrones' ended on a flat note is one of them.

Yet, in all the dog-piling on the vaunted HBO series, the fallout doesn't seem to extend to either Emilia Clarke or Kit Harington, who both seem to be going on to some pretty juicy roles post-Westeros. Clarke, as we previously reported, is starring in soon-to-be seasonal staple 'Last Christmas', while Harington is now set to join the Marvel juggernaut in an unspecified role.

Deadline reports that Jon Snow is making the journey from the land beyond the Wall to Disneyland and that while no details are currently forthcoming, the D23 Expo this weekend will likely see some details confirmed or announced.

Harington's had a bit of bumpy go at it when it comes to movies. 'Pompeii', for example, was shot right around the time that 'Game of Thrones' hit big and was something of a mess of a movie. Kiefer Sutherland as a Roman general? Come on. Likewise, 'Seventh Son' was a dud as was 'Spooks: The Greater Good' and 'The Death and Life of John F. Donovan'. Yet, in between those, you had 'How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World' and 'Testament of Youth', which were both pretty decent.

Obviously, the shooting schedule of 'Game of Thrones' limited his choices and given how rigorous the series was, it meant that he couldn't very well change his visage too much in order to blend entirely in a role. In any event, now that 'Game of Thrones' is over, he's now free to take on whatever role he chooses and joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe is clearly a big step.

The question remains, however, as to which role he'll play. Already, speculation is rife with some believing he's being lined up for something in 'The Eternals', joining fellow 'Game of Thrones' alum Richard Madden. Others, however, think it may have something in 'Fantastic Four', the just-announced movie announced since Disney's acquisition of Fox and its Marvel properties.

Marvel and Kit Harington's representatives haven't officially commented, so expect some kind of statement in the coming days and weeks ahead.