No-one is safe from the people at Honest Trailers.

To be fair, The Oscars 2019 have already set themselves up for failure, so Honest Trailers taking aim isn't completely uncalled for.

After all, they've been "pissing everyone off" with their antics of late. The Oscars were originally only allowing two of the Best Original Songs to perform on the night (before pulling a fast turnaround); they hired, and then fired Kevin Hart; and they also wanted to stop actors appearing at other awards ceremonies.

The newest edition of the YouTube series sees all eight Best Picture nominees take most of the brunt, apart from a few Oscars jibes at the beginning. From 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' which has so many 'Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story' allusions you never realised; all the way to "the company who wants to earn it's big-boy pants," Netflix's 'Roma;' each nominee gets picked apart in usual Honest Trailer style.

Get out the popcorn for the latest Oscars 2019 Honest Trailers below.