While 'Home Alone 2' may not be the better of the two 'Home Alone' movies - nobody thinks about the third, or indeed the fourth one - it does have some of the better setpieces of the two.

For example, you've got Kevin turning the Plaza into his own playground, there's the bit in the toy shop, and the ending  inside the building site where it basically becomes 'Die Hard'.

The Secret Barrister (that's his / her Twitter account / name) just so happened to be watching 'Home Alone 2' and was good enough to point out a number of legal mishaps, possible sentencing guidelines and much more besides as it occurred on screen.

The interesting thing about it all is that Kevin McCallister is just as likely to do jail time as the Wet Bandits were, never minding the fact that he's only a child.

On top of that, the parents - that's Catherine O'Hara and John Heard - are also definitely looking at some legal trouble in all of this as well.

Here's a few highlights of the live-tweet.