You might think that headline is pure hyperbole and clickbait to draw you in and get you read this article.

To be clear, it's... not. It really, really isn't. Here's why.

When we first heard about 'Loqueesha', there was a sincere hope that it wasn't real. After all, how can you possibly think that a movie with this concept is a good idea? A white, middle-aged man pretends to be a "sassy" black woman in order to host a successful call-in radio show.

Now, you're thinking that we're being prejudicial against a movie by calling it that without having seen a single frame and basing this all on the concept, the poster, and now the trailer.

And you'd be absolutely right. Patton Oswalt's reaction captured it all.

The poster for 'Loqueesha' was enough to pique interest in how awful it was, but then, with a bit of reluctant research, we found the trailer. A trailer so awful, so despicably terrible in every way, that we're not even going to upload it on our own on-site player.

No, YouTube can keep this one.

This thing is infected with a plague that knows no cure and will wipe out mankind. It is the nexus of all evil and an abomination that trigger the end times. It is one the worst f*cking things we have ever seen, and we still can't believe it's actually real.

Prepare yourself.