James Gunn is renowned for giving the MCU a much-needed breath of fresh air with his surprise hit Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014. His success continued with the sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 last year.

So if anyone’s going to stand up for the potential of superhero movies, it makes sense that Gunn should do it. Moreover, his response to Jodie Foster’s recent criticism of the genre is very fair and well thought-out.

In case you missed it, earlier today, we reported how Jodie Foster recently slammed superhero movies in an interview that saw her proclaim that they are “ruining the viewing habits” of audiences worldwide. She compared the studio output of the films to fracking (see the full piece here).

Gunn posted his thoughts on Foster’s statements via Twitter, allowing that studio franchise films can often be “soulless” but that “there are also quite a few exceptions” and that he wants to make movies that are “innovative, humane, and thoughtful.”

While he thought that Foster’s take was a bit “old-fashioned”, he allowed that “her belief system is pretty common and isn’t totally without basis”. He concluded the thread saying: “I respect Foster and her talent and what she’s done for films and I appreciate her different way of looking at Hollywood’s landscape.”