Marvel Studios must be yelping with glee, and dabbing their eyes with hundred-dollar bills, as 'Captain Marvel' is a worldwide smash-hit.

One billion dollars is a hell of a lot of money. For us who use Euros, that's over a hefty €881 million - and all the signs are pointing at 'Captain Marvel' breaking that billion mark in the next week or so.

The movie released in theatres on March 8th (11 days ago), smashing records all over the galaxy. The opening weekend for 'Captain Marvel' solidified it as the highest-grossing movie of 2019 (so far); as well as making it the sixth-best opening weekend for a movie worldwide; and the biggest opening weekend for a female-led movie ever. Phew.

Now, according to Scott Mendelson over at Forbes, Brie Larson's superhero epic has managed to hit over $200m (€176m) in the States, meaning that worldwide the figure is currently climbing past $750m (€660m). To put those figures in terms of Marvel's other previous releases, 'Captain Marvel' has already surpassed 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' which made $714.3m (€629m). Only two other Marvel Studios standalone movies have earned over one billion dollars, and they are 'Black Panther' and 'Iron Man 3'.

Of course, one upcoming movie which might be the only one to upset Captain Marvel's 2019 domination is 'Avengers: Endgame'. Fans were left reeling recently after Carol Danvers finally appeared in a trailer (and poster) for the second part of the superhero crossover - Marvel Studios were holding back on any promotional footage of her character until after her 90's flick was released.

In terms of guessing potential box office sales for 'Endgame' it will more than likely be one of the biggest-selling movies of all time, let's be honest. With 'Infinity War' earning over $2billion and making it the fourth best-selling movie of all time, Thanos' follow-up will likely smash that record come April 25th.