1989's 'Black Rain', directed by Ridley Scott and starring Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia, isn't a good movie.

It's not one of those movies that's refined itself with age, or even taken on new meaning in the intervening years. If anything, 'Black Rain' is a time-capsule for late '80s American fears on Japan and the so-called "Yellow Peril".

That's according to Blindboy Boatclub, our first guest on the newly-minted, six-part podcast series, The Revisit. Best known for his own podcast, The Blindboy Podcast, his book of short-stories 'The Gospel According To Blindboy', and his music with The Rubberbandits, Blindboy chose 'Black Rain' as his movie of choice.

As you'll hear in the episode, Blindboy freely admits that it's a bad movie and compares it unfavourably to 'Blade Runner', but adds that there's something almost ambient about 'Black Rain' and how it's become co-opted by vaporwave aesthetics.

The first episode is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you download podcasts and contains explicit language.