Benicio Del Toro's transition to blockbuster territory has kicked up another gear with the news that he's in talks to star in Shane Black's Predator reboot. 

For years, Del Toro was almost exclusively working in gritty dramas but the past five years has seen him join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he also has a role in Star Wars Episode VIII. 

Details about Del Toro's role are being kept underwraps for now but according to the report from The Hollywood Reporter, the film will be an ensemble piece anchored by Del Toro's character. 

Anyone who's seen the excellent Sicario will be excited by this development. Del Toro was terrific in the film as assassin, Alejandro and you'd be forgiven for wondering whether we're supposed to be more fearful for his character or the actual Predator.

Speaking of Sicario, that's another franchise that is in Del Toro's future with a sequel following Alejandro said to be in active development