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With 'Frozen 2' heading to cinemas on November 22nd, no doubt some of the younger ones around you have been clamouring to know what's going on in the sequel.

Whether you've seen 'Frozen' a hundred times or whether you've never actually watched a single second of it, there's a lot to take in with it. With that in mind, we've pulled together this list of five things to expect from 'Frozen 2', beginning with...



This is clearly a given. There's going to be singing. After all, the soundtrack to 'Frozen' was a massive hit and songs like 'Let It Go' and 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman?' are now musical staples, so expect lots of singing and lots of songs to memorise after the movie's released. All told, there'll be seven new songs for 'Frozen 2', with the original songwriting duo of Kristen-Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez are back. In addition, Weezer, Kacey Musgraves and Panic! At The Disco will be performing covers from the movie itself.



Again, like 'Frozen', you can absolutely expect to see plenty of 'Frozen 2' costumes everywhere. Think lots of cloaks and fur, and maybe some kind of Olaf the Snowman costumes as well, not to mention the new characters getting their own costumes as well.



'Frozen 2' will star Kristen Bell as Anna, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, Josh Gad as Olaf and newcomers Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood, and Alfred Molina. Recognise any of those names? You probably should. Kristen Bell is in 'The Good Place', Jonathan Groff is in Netflix's 'Mindhunter', Evan Rachel Wood is in 'Westworld' while Sterling K. Brown was in movies like 'The Predator' and 'Hotel Artemis', while Alfred Molina has been around for years. Remember 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and the guy Indy was with in the temple? "Throw me the idol, I throw you the whip!" That guy? That's Alfred Molina. He was in 'Spider-Man 2' as Doc Ock, as well.



Going by the trailers we've seen so far, it looks like 'Frozen 2' is going to be like an adventure musical. The story takes place some years after 'Frozen' and sees Elsa, Anna, Sven and Olaf heading into the forests to the north of Arendelle where danger and mystery awaits them all, as well as the truth of Elsa's magical powers as well. Whereas in the first one, Elsa was afraid of her powers, 'Frozen 2' sees Elsa wondering if her powers are enough to stop what's coming.



Anticipation has been through the roof for 'Frozen 2', and the trailers have all shot pass the million views mark in a matter of hours. In fact, the teaser for 'Frozen II' was the second most-viewed animated trailer of all time, racking up 116.4 million views in the space of just 24 hours.


'Frozen 2' arrives in Irish cinemas on November 22nd.