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    I hope this'll be as good as the show but looks very Americanized. I'm sure the Viper will provide laughs regardless. Although to be fair they'll have a hard time topping this mock on the Irish porn industry;

    Posted 12:13 | Fri 15th Feb 2013
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    I was looking hard for the review here....i guess this is it? "After all, there's only so much drinkin' fightin' and shmokin' (and, as The Viper aptly points out, attempts at mastering self fellatio) you can handle before it all starts to wear a little thin." ?

    Posted 10:23 | Tue 19th Feb 2013
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    About as funny as cancer.

    Posted 12:42 | Thu 21st Feb 2013
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    I enjoyed this... it delivered exactly what I thought it would. Some light entertainment, some questionable behaviour and some classic cringe moments :) It was fun...

    Posted 09:50 | Thu 28th Feb 2013

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