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  • DestinyDestiny

     First things first, we haven't actually finished this game yet, but not through lack of trying. To game developers Bungie's credit, they have created a vast, expansive universe to explore with this game - and any and all future additions - and after a week's worth of playing, we haven't...

    Platforms: PS4 (review copy), PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360

  • Gran Turismo 6Gran Turismo 6

    Most likely the last PS3-only entry for the Gran Turismo series, this game both succeeds and suffers by comparison to the next-gen racing games that have been released recently. Not that GT6 is an ugly game by any means, but once you catch a glimpse of the Xbox One's racer Forza 5, there is a...

  • Wii MusicWii Music Game rating: 1 Stars

    This is it. We are here. In my opinion we have reached the bottom. Things can only get better! This sorry excuse for €50 of your well earned cash is without a doubt the biggest load of horse manure to be boxed and labeled since the Wii was born. Now I will admit I have had my doubts about...

    Cert: 3+ | Platform: Wii
    Genre: Music

  • The Last Of Us: Left BehindThe Last Of Us: Left Behind

     In case you didn't already know, we loved The Last Of Us when it hit the PS3 last year. Not only was our review a gushing love-letter to its greatness, but we also named it our Best Game Of 2013. So yes, in short, we really liked The...

  • Review - Beyond: Two SoulsReview - Beyond: Two Souls Game rating: 3.5 Stars

    Developers: Quantic Dream Rating: 16+ Quantic Dream are best known for Heavy Rain, a technological super-achievement married to a fantastically engrossing storyline that, unfortunately, came up short on the gameplay element by sometimes...

    Platforms: Playstation 3
    Genre: Interactive Drama, Action-Adventure

  • Sniper Elite V2Sniper Elite V2 Game rating: 3 Stars

    Publisher: Rebellion Developments / 505 Games Normally I am handed a game and told to review it. This time, my editor handed me this game saying: 'Here, go kill some Naaazzzziiiis'. Little did I know how appropriate this was, for while there are many games available allowing you to eliminate...

    Cert: 16+ | Platform: PC, PS3 Xbox 360
    Genre: WWII Combat, Tactical shooter.