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  • Sniper Elite V2Sniper Elite V2 Game rating: 3 Stars

    Publisher: Rebellion Developments / 505 Games Normally I am handed a game and told to review it. This time, my editor handed me this game saying: 'Here, go kill some Naaazzzziiiis'. Little did I know how appropriate this was, for while there are many games available allowing you to eliminate...

    Cert: 16+ | Platform: PC, PS3 Xbox 360
    Genre: WWII Combat, Tactical shooter.

  • KnackKnack

    You'd be forgiven for thinking that Knack, as the Playstation 4's OTHER exclusive launch title (i.e. the one that isn't a Killzone game), would have to be something pretty special. Bearing a passing resemblance to Sackboy from the LittleBigPlanet games, you play as Knack, a creature that was...

    Genre: Platform, Beat ‘em up

  • Preview: Injustice: Gods Among UsPreview: Injustice: Gods Among Us

    This month sees the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and for the comic book fans among us, this has got to be a god-send. But for those who may not be as well versed in why this is an exciting event, let's delve in a little deeper....