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  • Review: Battlefield HardlineReview: Battlefield Hardline

    Battlefield has always consistently held its own against the seemingly endless onslaught of Call of Duty. Fans of the franchise cite Battlefield as a more nuanced, textured experience as opposed to Call of Duty's simplistic,...

  • Xbox One release date announcedXbox One release date announced

    Microsoft have finally revealed when we can all get our claws into their latest console, and that date is... (drumroll, please!).... NOVEMBER 22nd! So that's a week after the PS4 release date in the USA, but a week before the PS4 release...

  • Infinity Blade 2Infinity Blade 2 Game rating: 4 Stars

    Watch the Trailer Here Out now on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad near you is without question the most visually impressive handheld game to date. This is a game which will make even non-gamers gape in disbelief that something so stunning can be played on your phone. In terms of gameplay,...

    Cert: 9 | Platform: IoS - Iphone, Ipod, Ipad
    Genre: Action Roleplay

  • FIFA 15: Is this year's FIFA the best yet or just another instalment?FIFA 15: Is this year's FIFA the best yet or just another instalment?

    Another year, another edition of FIFA… This year’s edition follows the highly...

    Every year, EA Sports produce FIFA, the biggest football game on the planet, and while the new Pro Evolution may look to put up a bit of a fight this year by actually releasing a title for next-gen platforms, it seems that FIFA are doing enough to keep the market cornered.

  • Review: The Last of Us RemasteredReview: The Last of Us Remastered

    What is there left to say about The Last Of Us at this point? Anyone who has played has probably spewed hyperbolic compliments about it’s probably the best game that they’ve ever played, and potentially the best game...

    Platform: PS4

  • Prototype 2Prototype 2 Game rating: 4 Stars

    Publisher: Radical Entertainment / Activision As the original Prototype was a very good game but with some room for improvement, I was genuinely quite excited for this release. Avoiding the usual approach of depowering the lead in the opening levels to justify regaining all their powers...

    Cert: 18+ | Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
    Genre: Sandbox Adventure

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