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  • FIFA 15: Is this year's FIFA the best yet or just another instalment?FIFA 15: Is this year's FIFA the best yet or just another instalment?

    Another year, another edition of FIFA… This year’s edition follows the highly...

    Every year, EA Sports produce FIFA, the biggest football game on the planet, and while the new Pro Evolution may look to put up a bit of a fight this year by actually releasing a title for next-gen platforms, it seems that FIFA are doing enough to keep the market cornered.

  • Review - Batman: Arkham OriginsReview - Batman: Arkham Origins

    Developer: Warner Bros Montreal Rating: 16+ In fact, even the title feels incorrect, as when we meet Bruce Wayne, he’s already Batman, fighting crime. It’s Christmas Eve, and The Black Mask has hired eight assassins to kill...

    As anyone who has played them can attest to, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City aren’t just two of the best comic book games, but two of the best video-games of the last decade, full stop. Rocksteady perfectly mixed platforming, a new approach to fighting, some puzzles, and some fantastic Gotham-set stories set around everyone’s favorite grumpy superhero. But Origins faces an uphill battle: Rocksteady aren’t behind it this time, and after the (SPOILERS!) death of a major character at the end of City, Origins is naturally a prequel, which rarely work.
    Genre: Action-Adventure

  • Minecraft: PS3 EditionMinecraft: PS3 Edition

    Hailed by many is this generation’s answer to Tetris, or the virtual reality version of Lego, it’s not unfair to call Minecraft a cultural phenomenon. Within a year of its release on PC, it became the 6th highest selling PC game of all time, and earlier this year, it passed...

    Genre: Sandbox, Survival

  • Review: The Order: 1886Review: The Order: 1886

    The Order: 1886. The term mixed reaction could have been created for this game, so we decided to see what all the fuss was about. Let’s open by saying that The Order 1886 is probably the best looking game that’s been released on this generation of consoles. Calling it visually...

  • Watch_Dogs: Does one of the biggest releases this year live up to the hype?Watch_Dogs: Does one of the biggest releases this year live up to the hype?

    As one of the most highly anticipated games of 2014, it was going to take something truly...

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  • Review: Battlefield HardlineReview: Battlefield Hardline

    Battlefield has always consistently held its own against the seemingly endless onslaught of Call of Duty. Fans of the franchise cite Battlefield as a more nuanced, textured experience as opposed to Call of Duty's simplistic,...

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