So you may or may not have heard that one of our favourite actors, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, had a little stint in hospital due to a hernia. Good news though; he's on the mend. The actor took to Twitter yesterday to reassure his fans that he's feeling a lot better.

Amidst all of his Pain & Gain promotion - he actually ended up missing his LA premiere - this can't have been an ideal time to land himself in a hospital bed. Referring to himself as Superman and sharing a hilarious pic, the actor said: "Surgery a success! Dr repaired 3 hernial tears (fun pain). Superman is on the mend.. #WeFallWeRise"

Only The Rock would look that good in a muscle-bursting Superman t-shirt, post surgery. And in a little plastic cap. Nawww. Also, how tiny does the bed look?

It was during a Wrestlemania battle with John Cena to defend his title earlier this month, that the hernia struck the 40 year old wrestler/actor. "In the middle of last nights Wrestlemania match I tore my abdomen & adductor muscles off the bone. Just part of the job. But as we know.. ..It's all about #JustBringIt. WWE Universe THANK YOU for all the love & well wishes. Means everything to me. #LeaveItAllInTheRing," he tweeted at the time.

Pain & Gain (also starring Mark Wahlberg) hits Irish cinemas on August 28th so here's hoping by then he'll be back in action and we might even have the pleasure of a one-on-one with him.

The world needs you, Dwayne!

Maybe JJ Abrahms will feel sorry for him now and finally give him that Star Wars role.