Stag parties are, by and large, pretty straightforward. And a bit crap, if we're honest.

You turn up in a hotel, meet your mates, make awkward small-talk with the ones you don't know and get drunk enough to forget the whole thing. Or not, if you're a tee-totaller. In which case it's you driving everyone around while they sing Paul Simon's 'Call Me Al' until six in the morning.

However, a recent stag party in Carrick-on-Shannon decided to do something a little different. They organised a - wait for it - Back To The Future-themed stag party.

Amazing. They even had a DeLorean on the day as well.

This little compilation video shows the incredible lengths they went to get the costumes right. We're especially impressed with the jacket / multi-coloured hat thing as well.

Also, shout-out to the guy who went dressed as Old Man Biff Tannen. The two crutches and wig was a nice touch. If only all stag parties were like this.


Via YouTube