The Wise Wound

Presented by The Cup Theatre Company

A little restoration of Louisa May Alcott’s sweet little imaginings of the little March sisters. A little romp bounteous with gay folly, frolics and fallopian festivities. Little Beth...working herself into a little flap over her terminal illness.  Little Jo...and her little theatrical ditties about women’s liberation. (Poor Jo, you’ll never find a man like that!) Little Amy...enchanted by her little looking glass. And little Meg, the March sister about whom there is very little to say, (the most non descript sibling), makes her maiden voyage from one shiny little kitchen to another. (See Jo, THAT’S how you get a man, keep that pretty little mouth buttoned!)



Bitter Like a Lemon presents

John, Jimmy and Jeremy have one thing in common, their love for fairytales. All of their free time is spent in the common room. It is the only vehicle to escape the monotony of their day to day dreary existence of pills, group sessions and nocturnal isolation.
They each have their own favourite story in which they all star as some of our best loved heroes and villains...but in channelling their childhood experiences, they can never seem to agree on an ending.
All fairytales contain an important message. What are these, 'lost boys' trying to tell us? Are their chests full of treasure or secrets? From pirate ships to true love, sword fights to interrogations, these psychiatric patients can’t seem to escape their dark and twisted past.
Does everyone deserve a happy ending? Welcome to their play room.