To clarify the headline, he wasn't attacking himself - although perhaps there's some room for self-flagellation (I said 'flagellation') given his portrayal of Jake Stone in EastEnders. Put it this way, he's the kind of the opposite of Nick off Corrie - while the latter squints all the time, Jamie seems intent on making his eyes as wide as physically possible. It's one step below 'eyebrow acting.'

Anyway, the police across the water reportedly want a wee chat over a certain altercation he allegedly had with one of Kym's other exes (not Jamie Ryder off EastEnders, that would be too mind boggling) personal trainer Matt Baker.  Apparently it all went down outside an Mancunian nightclub on Saturday night, as these things tend to do.

A witness told The Sun: "Jamie seemingly came from nowhere and managed to blindside Matt and hit him straight in the eye... Matt’s a tough guy but it caught him completely by surprise. When he went to retaliate a group of guys stopped it. Matt decided to remove himself from the situation, but Jamie quickly followed and tried to punch him again. However staff stepped in and prevented it, reminding Jamie they had CCTV."

According to, Matt has "made an official report to the police," and everything.

Jamie and Kym officially divorced in January of this year. They started dating in 2008, but it was destined to go bits up, what with cheating allegations repeatedly rearing their ugly little heads. The Mirror reports that Kym was the one who filed for divorce in the end, "citing Jamie's erratic behaviour."

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