Life is a Long Quiet River

2022 Drama | Family

It has been ten years since Feng Xiaoqin, a foreign daughter-in-law married with a big belly, to the Gu family, but Gu Qingyu, the eldest aunt, has always been wary of this woman who wrote "change her destiny" on her face. Feng Xiaoqin urged her husband Gu Lei to borrow money from her twin sister Gu Qingyu to buy a house, but Gu Qingyu deftly resolved her and revealed her plan to buy a luxury house. After Gu Lei's unexpected death, the conflict between aunts and sisters continued to escalate, and the single mother Feng Xiaoqin was almost desperate. For the dream of her youth, Gu Qingyu reshaped her cognition of life in reality and dreams, from flash marriage to flash divorce. The two women have gone from confrontation to mutual understanding. No matter how stormy the future may be, they will carry the family together.