Generally speaking, Bill Hader's one of the best performers to come out of SNL in recent years and his voice-work - you should hear him do Alan Alda, it's scarily good - is mostly brilliant.

As you can guess, what it with being St. Patrick's Day yesterday, SNL just had to make a few sketches about Ireland and this one featuring Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant as contestants on an RTÉ dating show is probably the one people are going to be talking about the most.

Why? Watch and see for yourself.

So, first off, that's only half-true about RTÉ not being controlled by the Brits. Secondly, there hasn't been a dating show on RTÉ in years so don't get it twisted. Thirdly, since when are we all into our cousins? Sure, Ireland is basically like a small village at times and there's a decent chance you know someone of someone if you met them foreign - but, this? No.

Fourth, nobody from Dingle sounds like whatever accent Bill Hader was doing, nor does anyone from Dolin sound like whatever Cecily Strong was doing. Fifth, was Kate McKinnon just copying Saoirse Ronan's accent?

Lodge your official complaints and strongly-worded letters against this sick filth in the comments below.


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