Mention of either of those names already has our attention so we can't wait to see what the two of them together have come up with, as Zach Galifianakis and Louis C.K (along with Jonathan Krisel) have co-created a new series for FX called Baskets.

The series will star Galifianakis and tells the story of a man called Chip Baskets, who is pursuing his lifelong dream to become a professional clown - sounds right up Zach's street.

The show's log line states;

"In a world constrained by corporate interests and the homogenization of society, one man in Bakersfield, California, dares to follow his dream of becoming a professional clown. But after an unsuccessful enrollment at a prestigious clowning school in Paris, the only job he can find is with the local rodeo. Baskets follows Chip Baskets’ (Zach Galifianakis) pursuit of his dream, against all odds, to be a respected clown."

The first clip has just been released by FX and while it's only twenty seconds and features no clown makeup whatsoever, we definitely want to see more.

Watch below;