Connected began on RTE2 last night and while we weren't sure just how in the hell this groundbreaking format would translate to the viewer at home, safe to say, it had us hooked. The reality show takes the concept to another level by simply giving six different women a hand held camera to film their lives for a year, with some pretty compelling results.

The first episode began last night with twenty-year-old model Nicole prancing about in her underwear in the kitchen, and to be honest, at first we thought, here we go, just another young one looking for a bit of attention and going about it completely the wrong way. However, as the programme progressed you couldn't help but warm to her as she struggled to balance a law degree with her absolute dick of a boyfriend Noel. Dump him already Nicole!

We also met 27 year old Elayne Harrington aka rapper Temper-Mental MissElayneous who was just moving into an apartment after being homeless for over a year. Yep, homeless. Hard to believe when you see the articulate young girl on screen who has had far too much to cope with in her 27 years. Undoubtedly a tough nut, she showed a moment of genuine vulnerability at the end last night that made us respect and root for this lady all the more.

Finally, we met 40 year old radio producer Venetia Quick who gave us a no-holes-barred look into her life as a married mother of three trying to make ends meet. Even keeping the camera on during an argument over the bills with her husband, which undoubtedly many will relate to.

Over the course of the week we will meet the rest of the Connected ladies as the series continues tonight, Wednesday and Thursday while from next week onwards it will stick to Tuesday's and Thursday's.

Here's a sneak peak of tonight's episode...

Lobbin' the gob has finally got the definition we've been waiting for - when you punch somebody in the face, except with your mouth, and slowly.

So now you know.