Don't know about you, but we're still traumatised after this week's episode of 'The Handmaid's Tale' and given how dark this show can get, that's saying something. Just when you think things can't possibly get any worse for June, this show hits her with even more horror. It's just relentless.

We should have known with the episode title of 'The Last Ceremony' what terror might await June, but we actually didn't believe, or rather want to believe, that the Waterfords could go so far. June's brutal rape in their hands was harrowing beyond words and permanently removed any sympathy we thought we might have felt for Serena. They are both monsters and we can only hope this narrative one day leads them to truly pay for all they have done.

In a bid to clear his conscience or indeed just show his power, Fred informs June the next morning he has a surprise for her, and it's hard not to predict what he has in mind following June's recent request to be placed in the same district as her daughter. This much anticipated reunion for June and Hannah was bittersweet however, and even more so demonstrated the damage that Gilead has done. While they ultimately did share a moment and reconnected, Hannah was once again cruelly ripped from June's arms leaving her distraught.

There was no time to linger in this heartbreak though as soon danger was afoot and before we knew it, Nick was being piled into a van while June could only watch on.

How the hell she is going to get out of this one is anyone's guess. Will she make a break for freedom? Will someone come and find her? And what the hell has happened to Nick?

One thing we can take comfort in is it's not looking very likely that that baby will be born in the Waterfords house.

There's only three more episodes left in this season of 'The Handmaid's Tale' and while we dread to think what they might throw at June next, writer and producer Yahlin Chang has implored viewers to stick with it.

"There are amazing triumphs as well as huge upsets. I think people will really enjoy the next episode," she said. "It's really compelling what's coming up next. Please don't stop watching."

As if we could.


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