The penultimate episode of 'Sharp Objects' felt a bit like nearing the end of a thousand piece jigsaw and finally (FINALLY) seeing things take shape. Not that we've ever completed a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, but you know, go with us here.

Entitled 'Falling', the episode seemed to kick off even more tense than usual as Camille's nightmare saw her staring into the doll's house that is her home (no analogies lost on us lot). She wakes to find a creepy Adora in her room looking to give her a drop of THE WORST medicine EVER and wrap up her injured foot, but Camille is having none of it and soon escapes her clutches leaving Amma as the Paul Sheldon to Adora's Annie Wilkes.

Detective Richard Willis's curiosity over the Crellin family has at last proved worthwhile as we find out that Marian's death lies in the hands of her mother, who has what is called Munchausen syndrome by proxy. It seems like this wasn't such a well-kept secret either with both Jackie and from what we can tell, Chief Vickery, knowing.

The signs were there from the start looking back; from Adora's over-reaction to a cut on her hand to her dramatic sobbing into the abyss when Amma disappeared for a couple of hours, but this was also easily understandable given that we were dealing with a grieving mother. Any suspicious we may have had of Adora or her involvement in the murders of Ann and Natalie were only weighted on the fact that perhaps she did it out some cruel grief-ridden revenge for her own loss. However, now we know that she was the person behind Marian's death, well, it opens up all kinds of doors to what Adora is capable of. Although going from poisoning to teeth pulling seems a bit of a jump, but perhaps there is an accomplice waiting in the wings somewhere?

Camille, of course, was distracted from all the family drama as she sought out John Keene before his arrest and well, sparks were just flying all over the place between these two all of a sudden. Bonded by their individual losses, the pair ended up in a motel room that we knew the Chief was on his way to but couldn't help hope he would get lost along the way or something so that Camille was finally allowed this moment of emotional vulnerability (albeit a total lack of journalistic integrity).

While Richard had some (way too) harsh words for Camille, he did deliver the medical history and autopsy request forms leading Camille to the door of Jackie O'Neele, giving veteran actress Elizabeth Perkins her chance to shine as we realise just exactly how many secrets Wind Gap has been hiding.

The final moments left us on the biggest cliffhanger of the season as a distraught Camille rushed home to face an inevitable showdown with her mother, and once again, save Amma. Will Stepford husband Alan help her out or just how far is he willing to go to cover his wife's sins?

Whatever happens, this is bound to be an explosive finale and hopefully, an excellent pay-off for those that stuck with this slow-burn of a series.


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