Jaysus, we had almost forgotten how utterly horrific I'm a Celebrity can be, seriously, why do they do it to themselves? These bush tucker trials really wouldn't look out of place in a Saw movie at this stage.

Last night's episode saw Corrie's Craig Charles and Irish model Nadia Forde suffer through a night from hell in a creepy bunker, where they were joined on interval by cockroaches, rats and God knows what else. The idea was that every couple hours or so, an alarm would sound and two stars would be dropped in along with more horrific little friends. The pair would then have to try find the stars and then put them up a shoot which would take them to the camp where one of the other celebs would have to pin it to the board.

The whole thing, in summary, was torture of the highest order. Poor Nadia was in bits God love her, but fair play, she managed to keep going, while Craig was a true hero and motored on. Between them they managed to nab seven stars for the gang. The below pic is about all we could see of the trauma...

After that horrific night, Nadia and Craig were thankfully allowed rejoin the other housemates, which seemed to trouble Kendra no end. She may have only known that gang of misfits for a few days but they were her gang of misfits. She did however jump to Nadia's defense when Tinchy changed his mind about giving her his bed. Nadia was grand about it all but Kendra was very annoyed about the whole thing. It was a bit crap of Tinchy to just change his mind though in fairness, whoever this Tinchy dude is.

At the end of all that drama, Gemma stole the limelight back and announced that she had enough and was leaving the jungle. Well, that is the aim of the show, no? To make it so bad the celebrities want to leave?

So Gemma is gone and sadly news broke this morning that Craig Charles will also be leaving after the sudden death of his brother. Well and truly awful few days for him.

In happier news though we will see two more celebs join the jungle gang tonight as X Factor's Jake Quickenden and former MP Edwina Currie arrive. Kendra won't know what to be doing with herself with all this change.

Although she will probably have enough on her mind considering that herself and former footballer Jimmy Bullard will have to take on the bush tucker trial tonight in something that's called the Terror Tavern. Christ... would you be able?