It's baffling how a load of z-list celebs living a life you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy has become such addictive telly, but look, here we all are. Last night's hour and half I'm a Celebrity episode saw two very successful and naturally gross bushtucker trials take place, and one very successful but naturally gross pool party.

The latter emerged when the camps 'CIA agents', Jake, Edwina, Kendra and Jimmy, were given one of their final tasks of trying to get each and every camp mate into the pool at the same time. It was touch and go there for a while with Tinchy, who controversially outed himself as being 'anti pool'. What the hell?? That's like being anti ice-cream or anti Santa. Eventually all obliged and sure didn't they all have a merry old time altogether. Particularly eh... Jimmy and Edwina, who Jimmy later referred to as a 'minx'. Edwina Currie, wha'? What would Maggie Thatcher have said?

Later on then we saw the almighty Melanie Sykes take on a bushtucker trial with what we can only describe as steely determination. She was going for those stars and neither slippery eels nor gigantic lizards were going to stop her. She secured nine stars for her very hungry camp mates who had what Michael Buerk described as a 'banquet' later on.

Before that though, it was time for these CIA agents to be outed as the four revealed just how much they had essentially been playing them all the last few days, as Buerk said, 'The duplicity was dreadful'. Nobody really cared about the deceit though once their care packages arrived as each camp mate was brought to tears when they received gifts from home. Haven't they only been gone... like a week? You'd swear they were at war.

Later on then it was time to join our jungle friends for the live bushtucker trial which would be undertaken by camp newbie and former X Factor star Jake Quickenden. He too managed to nail each challenge with one involving moving pigs testicles from one bowl to another using his mouth.

How far he has come these last few months....

Jimmy was then nominated to do a 'bonus trial' which we will see later on tonight. If he's successful the camp mates will get some booze, which if last time is anything to go by, should prove pretty interesting. Most of them were pissed at the mere mention of alcohol. Maybe a bit of dutch courage will get Jake to make a move on one of these ladies he's been so busy flirting with. Kendra or Nadia, Jake! You must CHOOSE!!