It's hard to believe there are only two more episodes remaining in this season of Game of Thrones. We feel like we haven't spent half enough time with any of the characters, and sure we are only just getting reacquainted with The Hound again.

Things are building up to an almighty showdown in next week's Game of Thrones, but tonight's episode didn't fail to disappoint. Entitled 'No One', it had the kind of final moment that left you fist punching the air, but we'll get to that.

Here are nine things we learned from the episode...

1. Oh how we missed The Hound

While we were all obviously delighted that Jon Snow made his way back to this mortal coil this season, another face we were almost equally as happy to see alive again was The Hound. The dude gets some of the best comebacks on the show, and him and Arya are still our favourite double act. This week's episode saw Sandor Clegane out to avenge the death of Lovejoy and the gang, and who should he stumble upon only Beric Dondarion, the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners.

For those that may be trying to remember just who exactly this one-eyed dude is, we last saw him in season three where he told Arya how he had been resurrected six times. In fact it was the character of Beric that gave weight to fans theories that Jon Snow would return this season. The interesting development here is that Beric seems to have now recruited The Hound to his cause, as he too is well aware that it's only a matter of time before those army of the dead folks make their appearance this side of the wall. Just think of the witty comebacks The Hound could pull out on that lot.

2. Cersei is f*cked

At least for the moment anyways. The Queen mom was safe in the knowledge that dear old Mountainstein would do all her fighting for her in a trial by combat, but thanks to High Sparrow, child King has laid out a new agenda - Cersei will go to trial and her fate will be decided by seven septons. So yeah, as we said, she's f*cked. Cersei certainly isn't one to go down without a fight though, and there IS all that supposed wildfire hiding out in the basement of the castle, just crying out to be used. Is this the 'old rumour' Qyburn was talking about? The Mad King may not have got to "burn them all", but the Mad Queen may get her chance yet.

3. Tyrion, Greyworm and Missandei are THE CRAIC

Tyrion really hasn't seen much action at all this season but we are loving his new squad of Melisande and Greyworm. A few weeks ago he was trying to play drinking games with the pair, while this episode he wanted a few jokes from the couple. And he got them and all... just about. We predict there could have been quite the session amongst this trio if those pesky slave owners hadn't come along wrecking their buzz.

4. Dany is back in Meereen

Just when it was starting to look like Meereen might fall to the ground, the Queen of Dragons showed up right in the nick of time, Drogon and all. We assume the plan here is to quite literally fight fire with fire, but with the main battle of the season happening in Winterfell next week, we're not sure how much of this showdown we will see. Either way, Daenerys is where she needs to be, and with the Ironborn folk on their way with all those ships, and an army of Dothraki to fill them with, we'd say the pieces are in place for it to be one hell of a seventh season for the Queen of Dragons.

5. Jaimie hearts Brienne

Not as much as his sister, obvs, but Jaimie certainly has a soft spot for the great Brienne of Tarth. Just nobody tell Tormund.

6. The Blackfish is dead

This was an unfortunate loss if ever there was one. We were just starting to warm to him again. The Blackfish is another character whose storyline differs greatly from the books, where he has not been killed off. Although he also wasn't even present at the Red Wedding like he is in the show. It's sad to see him go but nice that he got the honourable death he wanted and gave Brienne and Pod a decent chance to escape while he was at it.

7. Where's Jon Snow?

For those of you missing the former Commander of the Knight's Watch, never fear, you'll have pretty much a full episode of him next week in the much anticipated ninth episode. Yep, the Battle of the Bastards IS A GO! It's Jon Snow v Ramsay Bolton in what's set to be the biggest battle scene the show has ever seen. Although if they even TRY to harm a hair on Jon Snow's manbun...

8. No Lady Stoneheart

Fans of the show may have been disappointed by the lack of one Lady Stoneheart this episode. For those unaware of who that is, it's the reanimated corpse of Catelyn Stark. Yep, a zombie Stark. It looks like this particular storyline is reserved for the books though, where Lady Stoneheart commands the Brotherhood Without Banners. As we seen last night however, Beric Dondarion was still very much calling the shots. It's probably for the best. As much as we'd love to see the Stark matriarch again, there's enough dead folk to be worrying about beyond the wall.

9. The girl KICKS ASS

At long last Arya's storyline out in Braavos can finally come to an end. This 'girl is no one' lark had really started to get old. Of course she couldn't leave without a showdown with The Waif, as Ayra proved that a few stab wounds weren't actually that much trouble to shake off and take down her enemy. It was even deemed enough to finally impress the Faceless Man, who told her the girl had finally managed to become 'no one'.

Screw that though. The girl is AYRA STARK of WINTERFELL, and she is going the f*ck home.

Watch the trailer for next week's episode here.