Aside from super sweet couple Dani and Jack, there has been more heartbreak than love on this season’s ‘Love Island’, with Wes leaving Laura, Josh leaving Georgia, and Zara getting separated from Adam as she was dumped from the island.

In the aftermath of the latter, Zara had to watch Adam get together with Darylle in Casa Amor. However, she said at the time: “What we had was genuinely so real.

“It was the most amazing thing, it really made my time in there so special. No one can take away from me how amazing he was.”

To top things off, Adam told Darylle in last night’s episode that he still has feelings for Zara and that his “head is a bit all over the place.”

Then Adam was evacuated from the villa alongside Darylle when neither were chosen by Wes or Laura in the recoupling.

Speaking after his exit from the show, Adam confessed that he sees Zara as his “priority” now.

He recalled that when she left the villa: “She said something along the lines of "I’ll be waiting outside, I’ll be waiting with ten thousand or twenty thousand kisses!" I do really, really want to see her, I’m excited for that.”

Asked if he would consider returning to the villa in a twist, he insisted: “I wouldn’t go back in there now. I want to see Zara.

“That is my priority now. I was ready to come out, especially when I knew I had feelings for Zara.”

Mind you, Zara isn’t letting Adam off too easily as she revealed on Good Morning Britain that Adam hasn’t contacted her since leaving the island, and in any case, she wants to see him make a real commitment (especially given he got with Kendall and Rosie on the show as well…).

She said: “I’ve not heard from him .. I think he needs to pull his finger out a little bit.

“It wasn’t easy watching him kiss someone else on TV so soon after we had separated so I think he has got to pull his finger out a little bit and make some effort.

“The Adam I watch on TV and the Adam I got to know in the villa are two different people. I need to wait to speak to him in person.”

We reckon, at the end of the day, those crazy kids clearly have deep feelings for one another, so they have to get back together. Watch this space.