Being nominated at an awards ceremony has got to be a deeply troubling thing for actors or directors.

The camera's trained right on you as you're supposed to be looking nonchalant, just happy to be nominated, and generally OK with everything that's going on. Of course, most of them are probably internally screaming and who knows what else.

Jason Bateman, however, looked so laid back and relaxed at this year's Emmys that, even when he won, he seemed almost entirely unaware that it was even happening.


Of course, it was that split second of general, "Huh?"-ness that caught everyone's attention, as 'Game of Thrones' was considered a lock to win here, and even had two directors - that's right, TWO - in the category.

And yet, Jason Bateman still won out. Bateman won for 'Ozark', the Netflix crime series he executive produces, directs and stars in as an accountant who's up to shady business deep in the - you guessed it - Ozarks.

Again, the surprise on Bateman's face might not have registered, but for everyone around him, not to mention over in the 'Game of Thrones' camp, it was definitely felt - and probably underlines how badly that show was received by everyone.

Naturally, plenty of 'Arrested Development' jokes made the rounds, and with good reason because 'Arrested Development' was (operative word is 'was') a great show.

You can check out the full list of winners right here, as well as the red carpet galleries from the Emmys as well.