Iran have officially lost the run of themselves folks and gone and made their own version of Friends. For realz. It has 'replicas' of the apartments, and even has it's own Joey.

It pains us to tell you that we, as of yet, have no video footage of this travesty, but we do have some pics posted by Twitter user @dpatrikarakos and it looks the same... yet totally different all at once.

Have a look below;


Iran Chandler and Iran Ross in the kitchen... all looks fine, wait why is the fridge ORANGE?!


Well these just don't look comfortable at all, give us Chandler and Joey's lazy boy chairs any day.


The balcony looks pretty spot on, except there seems to be a door rather than the window they climbed out of. Oh and some sort of gigantic tomato growing on a table?


Iran Joey. What's this?! Nobody puts Joey in the corner.

Via Mashable