Hodor has to be one of the show's most loveable characters, sure, he doesn't say much but who couldn't love that big lug of a man who carries the crippled Brandon Stark around everywhere.

Now there's a way you can get to speak to him as Google have launched an update to their search app for iOS and Android which means that when you type 'Hodor' into the screen you will hear a hearty 'Hodor!' back at you.

It may come in handy if you are missing the big fella as he is not set to appear in season five of Game of Thrones at all, although never fear, he will be back. And the actor who plays him, Irish man Kristin Nairn, is set to go on tour with his DJ set 'Rave of Thrones' too, so there's that.

The app is set to go live at 10am on west coast America time so if it's not working yet just keep shouting Hodor at your phone until he starts talking back to you. No one will think any less of you.