Dani Dyer’s mum, Jo, has spoken out about what she thinks of her daughter’s presence on ‘Love Island’ and what she and Danny Dyer think about Dani's boyfriend, Jack.

Anyone who has been following the reality TV series will know that Jack and Dani have long been the favourites to win the £50,000 prize money, because they’re so damn cute and loved up that they truly deserve it (mind you, the other great love of Dani’s in the villa has to be gal pal Georgia).

Jo was recently on ‘This Morning with Philip and Holly’ (with Margot Robbie also appearing on the show), and when asked what she thought about seeing her daughter on the show, Jo answered “When I watch it on my own, I’m like ‘Oh, that’s my little girl.’”

Jo talked about encouraging her daughter to go on ‘Love Island’ as she thought Dani was much better suited to reality TV than to acting, which she was also pursuing.

In relation to Jack, Jo said: “The first time I saw him on the telly, I was thinking he really is Dani’s type, because he’s so funny and he’s so warm.”

As for what Danny thinks of the boy stealing the heart of his daughter, Jo said: “Danny really likes Jack but I think Danny, when he does meet Jack, will probably cry. He’ll be like ‘You took my child away from me.’ He’s really possessive.

“Or he could be like, making out he’s like this big hard man, just sitting there, as if he’s in the business.”

As for if Jack and Dani actually in love, Jo says she believes they are. Awwwwww!