Directed by Pinny Grylls, the film follows Neil Clarke's attempt to discover whether it is possible to remember something that happened before one's birth. Commonly defined as a journey into the life of a person's previous incarnation, and guided by a hypnotherapist, past life regression stimulates heated debate among believers and sceptics. Neil Clarke is one such disbeliever. But, In Who Do You Think You Were? , Neil, under hypnosis by Trevor Roberts, recounts the heartbreaking story of a 19th-century landowner, called Hawksworth, who loses his wife, his money and then his freedom when he commits manslaughter. Neil's wife believes that these memories could have something to do with a traumatic experience in Neil's past that he has never dealt with. Driven by the emotions he experienced while hypnotised, Neil sets out to find out if Hawksworth really existed.