In case you've managed to miss Jason Donovan (i.e., you're twelve) he was born in Australia and catapulted to fame in the soap opera Neighbours. He's had four UK number one singles and is a star of West End musicals. Jason comes from showbiz parents who divorced when he was five. His British born father won custody and brought him up alone, but its Jason's mother's family line that holds the key to Jason's Australian heritage - up to now a complete mystery to him. Starting in his hometown of Melbourne, Jason goes to meet his mother's cousin Judy and discovers that the showbusiness roots in his family go deeper than he thinks. As he unravels this mystery, he also tries to understand why his mother went missing from his life as a child. As his journey continues, he uncovers a possible convict connection and sets off to Tasmania to investigate how his ancestors ended up there, before ending his quest in Sydney, where he traces his family back to one of the earliest Australian settlers.