Dr Jan Falkowski and his fiancée Debbie Pemberton could think of no-one who would want to stalk them with threatening texts and phone calls. Even when the stalker professed to being in love with Jan, they refused to take her increasingly manic behaviour seriously. That is until she broke into their houseboat and opened the gas taps, threatened Jan's family and attempted to cancel their wedding. . Warning texts and phone calls rained down on everyone connected to the nuptials, and Debbie was advised to "prepare your funeral, not your wedding." As a final text arrived - "U BE DEAD" - they surrounded the phone box it was sent from and arrested the woman who had been stalking Dr Jan Falkowski for two years. Maria Marchese (Dolan) was an unlikely stalker who had only met Jan a handful of times through a patient of his. After initially denying she was guilty of harassing Jan, she then claimed to be texting him because he had raped her. And she had DNA evidence to prove it. Based on a true story, this drama stars David Morrissey.