The first of a new series of This is Me tells the personal story of 60-year-old Pamela Hackett; a petite, articulate and, might we add, fiercely fetching lady. For 50 years, Pamela knew she had 'something' but didn't know what. She now knows that she has been living with Tourette Syndrome all her life. Born in 1950, it is remarkable to think that until May 2000 Pamela had no idea what she was suffering from. She happened to be listening to Health Report on Radio One. She contacted the Mater Hospital and within five minutes of her appointment she was diagnosed with Tourettes. Growing up Pamela had been mocked, even by her own family, for her physical behaviour, but now at last she knew what she had. Her 'tics' come in the form of coughing, grimacing, shrugging her shoulders, shaking her legs and blinking her eyes. In public, she is able to control her tics by holding them in, which leaves her exhausted. However after a while they will start to 'escape'.