We've not gone mad. We just wanted to highlight that (what some might consider) an institution is coming to a close tonight. Firstly, we have the final conclusion of the two-part series finale, bringing to an end Britain's longest-running police procedural drama, which has been broadcast in 55 countries, ours included. The show, which began life as one-off drama Woodentop in 1984, broke new ground by exploring the lives and loves of the officers of the fictional London station of Sun Hill. Callum finally proves himself to Smithy as they hunt the members of the Parkway Crew responsible for the death of Liam Martin, and Mickey goes all-out to get justice for his informant Jasmine Harris following the gang rape. Farewell The Bill follows at 10.35pm. Oh, if you've been following The Deep, that also finishes tonight (9.00pm, BBC1).