Jane got some unexpected news last week in Eastenders that was to turn her life upside down. Let's tackle the first predicament. Lucy and Peter received their exam results and both were delighted with how well they did, even Jane and Ian were shocked with Lucy's results. However, we all know she cheated, and soon the school was investigating both kids. Lucy eventually admitted what she had done. Later, while still upset, Jane bumped into Zsa Zsa. Unfortunately, as the two talked, the latter got the wrong end of the stick and presumed Jane was crying over Lucy's abortion, and when she mentioned it, Jane's heart sank. Devastated she has been lied too, Mrs. Beale confided in Denise about her families betrayal and vowed to get revenge on Ian for not telling her the truth. Elsewhere, Minty tried to help Sam when Ricky stated he wanted nothing to do with his baby, and the mechanic got down on one knee and popped the question. At first, Sam agreed but the next day she laughed in Minty's face, stating she was only kidding. Upset, Minty returned back to the square and soon ended up in bed with Heather. That can only mean one thing; it's going to end in tears for her.

Over in Emmerdale, Moira and John were the talk of the village. Holly's antics became public knowledge but they had other problems when their daughter went missing. Maisie found evidence that was crucial to getting Ryan off the hook. As she watched old videos on her phone, she came across one in particular that showed her step brother wearing the chain that was found by Marks grave. She began to think he wasn't guilty of killing her father as the video was shot after Mark was killed. Confused she confided in Nathan who quickly stole the phone from her handbag. He couldn't let his hard work go to waste. Faye found out about it and went straight to her son to tell him the news, but he flipped out when she told him the phone was stolen. Finally, after weeks of flirting, Eve and Carl kissed. After being left alone at Mill Cottage, Eve cornered her man and had a snog, all while Chas was upstairs in bed.

Meanwhile, in Coronation Street, Natasha was pretending to Nick that their baby still existed. It became even tougher when Nick announced to the pub that they, along with John and Fiz, were expecting. On a visit to the doctor, Natasha displayed how desperate she was to keep Nick by asking how long it would be until she was able to conceive again. Over the street, Claire was still taking care of Asha, Aadi and Simon, in Dev's house. Out of the blue, she got a call to say her mum had an accident and she needed help. Frazzled and needing someone to mind the children, she called upon Sophie and Sian, who were only delighted to watch the children as it gave them a chance to be together. Later that day, Claire arrived home to find the two girls scoring on the couch. Sunita arrived to collect the children but when she got home, poor Aadi collapsed and was rushed to hospital. Doctors revealed that he had a cracked skull and had a brain haemorrhage. But that wasn't all. After seeing bruises on the boys arm, social services were called and began investigating Dev and Sunita for possible child abuse. This left Claire in one sticky situation, as she had no idea how it happened. Could this mean the girls' secret will come out?

Finally, Suzanne and Damien's relationship looked to be in jeopardy, in Fair City. Suzanne found out that she had fallen pregnant and desperate for a child, she was elated, but Damien didn't take the news very well. He thought it was bad timing seen as they were constantly arguing and he also had fears that he wouldn't be a good dad. However, tragedy came when Suzanne had a miscarriage. Leo offered Bob a job in the cab office, answering phones, but when he caught him sleeping on the job, Leo tried to let his new employee go, but changed his mind after learning Bob had worked all through the night, to cover someone else. Charlotte found out that Bob stole the money which was raised for charity and headed to confront him. Unable to lie to the little girl, he admitted his deception which caused her to collapse. Finally, Doug and Adam attempted to sign up to volunteer at the community centre but Charlie threw them out and barred the two boys.