Ah Eastenders. THE most depressing area in the world to live in. Honestly, what if this depicted real life? I think there would be a massive increase in the number of inmates banged up for murder, drug dealing, theft, forgery, kidnapping, I could go on. Thankfully though, it bases its stories on what could happen, but the actual events which unfold are a little far fetched. Anywho, last week poor Ricky was in a right pickle. Torn between his new wife and family and his, or should I say what could be his, own child, thanks to good old Sam. The Mitchell lady really wanted Ricky to say that he would be there for her, but he couldn't even muster up the courage to tell Bianca the news. But it wasn't as simple as that because there was the possibility that Jack is the father. Oh dear, oh dear. At the hospital, when the sprog was born, Ronnie, Jack, Bianca and Ricky nervously waited to hear their fate. Elsewhere, Jane asked Denise to help her stitch up Ian and steal his money. The latter was apprehensive, but Jane is determined to make a fool out of Ian, which wouldn't be the first time and - let's be honest - he deserves everything he gets. Finally, Peggy found Phil in a crack den.

Emmerdale saw Carl and Eve take their affair to the next level, that being a frolic under the sheets. Not able to keep his friend in his pants after their kiss, Carl booked a swanky hotel room for an afternoon and when Eve arrived, they wasted no time in getting down to business. Back in the Dales, Mark's body was released for burial and Natasha was quick to tell Faye Ryan was not welcome. But, of course he went and made a scene. Maisie meanwhile, was still having doubts over his guilt and was swaying towards him being innocent. Cain helped matters along when he revealed he found Mark's wallet but refused to tell the police as it would land him in trouble. Back from their holiday, Marlon was on cloud nine and even more in love with Rhona. Pity she came home wanting a piece of Paddy. How and ever, Marlon decided to ask his girlfriend to move in with him, to which she said yes. Finally, David eventually worked out that Leyla was hiding something.

Over in Coronation Street, Roy and Hayley were due to get hitched. You would think, because of the couple in question, it would go smoothly, but you would be wrong. It was probably one of the funniest episodes Coronation Street has aired since poor Blanche passed away. Mary, filled with rage after being ousted from the Hen party and the wedding, decided to play havoc with the steam train, which was carrying all the guests, and the bride herself (who was tucked up in the last carriage unknown to Roy). As the train pulled off, Hayley, Fiz and Becky were left behind. It was a race against time to get to the registry office on time but after a railway trolley ride along the tracks, the bride finally made it. Not the only drama on the day though, oooh noo; sick of being blamed for Aadi's accident and being branded a liar, Claire declared that she caught Sophie and Sian kissing. No one believed her, but Sophie couldn't lie any longer and confided in Kevin that she was seeing Sian and they were more then just friends.

Finally, in Fair City, Damien and Suzanne were trying to get over...well, everything really. We've seen them at each others throats over the past few weeks but it seemed that the baby, which sadly Suzanne lost, might have been the making of them (if Damien could get over himself). Still sensitive over her miscarriage, Suzanne's emotions were all over the place and Louie was the only person who she could turn too. He was more then happy to lend a shoulder and even gave her a few tight squeezes in a bid to make her feel better. However, Damien walked in on one of their moments and hit the roof, accusing them of having and affair and questioned if Louie was in fact the father. Furious, Suzanne demolished his plant. Wanting to get the pair back together, Mark was advised by Louie to lock them in a room together and only let them out when a truce was called. That old chestnut. He did so, and it worked. In other news, Esther got dirty with Carole and used some vicious tactics in her debate, which she hoped to win, making her the mayor of Carraigstown.